About Us

Terrile, Cannatti, Chambers & Holland, LLP is an intellectual property law firm comprised of four experienced patent attorneys with professional industry backgrounds and substantial technical and legal experience at some of the country's top law firms.

The depth of our experience increases patent quality.
Our partners have decades of experience in patent prosecution and litigation. This long history of both offensive and defensive patent litigation directly translates into more robust patents capable of withstanding litigation themselves.  We know quality patent prosecution and analysis cannot occur in a vacuum, so we stay abreast of the often-changing legal landscape.

Good, qualified lawyers do the real work instead of sourcing it to junior attorneys.
Unlike some of our competition, all patent prosecution and opinion work is authored by senior attorneys with at least 15 years of experience.  Further, our prosecution attorneys stay attuned to the industries and clients they service though trade publications, technical literature, and the Internet.

Work gets done in a timely manner.
We use a firm-wide computerized intellectual property management system for docketing response deadlines in all patent and trademark prosecution and maintenance matters, including patent reexamination and interference proceedings.

The breadth of our technical backgrounds equips us for success.
Our experience and expertise covers the technical spectrum, from mechanical engineering to electronics, telecommunications, and business methods. We have technological backgrounds in:

  • Computer architecture
  • Networking
  • Software (including firmware, application, and OS level)
  • Electronic circuits
  • Optics
  • Broadband systems
  • Wireless systems
  • Encryption and security
  • Integrated circuit design and process technology
  • Microprocessor architecture
  • Analog-to-digital converter design
  • Mixed signal design
  • Automated trading exchange and other financial technologies
  • General mechanical

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